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Prescott is a wonderful place to be able to use your barbecue nearly year round.

We have many months each year when the temperature is moderate during the day and there is a chill in the evening. With zone heating provided by an efficient gas or wood fireplace, you can just turn down the thermostat on the furnace and reduce your utility bills After all, many of us like a cool bedroom but like the warmth and ambiance of a nice fire in the evening and early morning next to our favorite chair. You may find this reducing your heating costs considerably over having the furnace coming on during the moderate weather.

Barbecues / BBQs

A BBQ grill is more than just an elaborate cooking utensil; it can be the focal point for family gatherings, special occasions, and the enjoyment of an endless variety of grill-friendly foods. Your grill may be the social nexus that brings people together, or it may be simply the best way to give meats, vegetables, and a variety of other foods that unique and delectable grill flavor. However you use it, Fire Magic promises you’ll be cooking with the best equipment available.

We are extremely proud to offer Prescott our wide selection of grills and accessories: charcoal, gas, electric, freestanding, pedestal, built-in – the choices are excitingly numerous. Each model represents the highest quality imaginable, and they all have a set of features for each budget and level of grill enthusiast. We want to be your partner in finding the right grill. Contact us today for prices, more information, or to brainstorm about the best grill for you.

We love grilling, and we love providing our customers with the best grilling equipment. Eric & Sons is a family owned company, and we value professionalism, integrity, and quality. We know you’ll be glad you chose a Fire Magic grill from Eric & Sons.

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Eric & Sons

Eric & Sons welcomes you to Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grill and American Fyre Designs. All are part of the RH Peterson family of premium outdoor products. From charcoal grills to outdoor kitchens, we have everything you need to create the perfect grilling and outdoor experience. Our grills are all hand-made with great care and attention to detail, and we bring professionalism to every aspect of the crafting and selling process.

Eric & Sons is dedicated to giving our customers the finest products and the best service. This means that we’re thrilled to work with you on designing the perfect grill setup for you and your home. Whether you’re interested in a built-in grill for an outdoor kitchen or a mobile, freestanding unit, we have a grill that will meet your needs.

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For more information, call (928) 775-2880 and we’ll help you get the barbecue you will be happy with for decades.

Barbecues, BBQ's
Barbecues, BBQ's

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