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Prescott Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, and Pellet Appliances Offer Efficient Heating Choices

Fireplaces Wood Stoves Pellet Appliances Fireplaces Wood Stoves Pellet Appliances

Prescott is typical of the climates that benefit most from a fireplace. We have many months each year when the temperature is moderate during the day and there is a chill in the evening. With zone heating provided by an efficient gas or wood fireplace, you can just turn down the thermostat on the furnace and reduce your utility bills After all, many of us like a cool bedroom but like the warmth and ambiance of a nice fire in the evening and early morning next to our favorite chair. You may find this reducing your heating costs considerably over having the furnace coming on during the moderate weather.

Gas Stoves, Fireplaces, Inserts

By far the most popular choice in Prescott: gas stove or fireplace. They are highly efficient and require little attention. Both fireplaces and freestanding stoves are available in many attractive designs and can give the effect of a wood fire with flickering flames and glowing embers that will delight those who enjoy the look of a wood fire. Freestanding gas stoves are available in many of the same beautiful bodies as the wood burners, including porcelain and steel. European influence is evident in many of the latest models, bringing a contemporary flair.

Prescott built-in fireplaces include many new designs with shapes that include very wide or narrow and high arched configurations. The surrounds or settings that can be incorporated in the fireplace design are virtually endless. Many homes today feature multiple fireplaces to provide atmosphere, warmth, and beauty to bedrooms, baths, kitchens, patios, dens and recreation areas.

The choices for zone heating fuel include wood, gas, and pellets.

Wood burning appliances include freestanding stoves, or built-in fireplaces of either masonry or steel construction. Modern stoves are now quite efficient and produce very little air pollution as opposed to the old “bon fire in a box” that was prevalent until the 1980’s. They are available in steel or cast iron in an assortment of rich porcelain colors with glass doors to help you enjoy the fire.

Open fireplaces are the least efficient and produce more emissions than those with glass doors. An alternate is the pellet burner in either a freestanding or built-in configuration. The big advantage over wood is the fact that they can continue burning for a period of 24 hours or more without the need to refuel.

Our Associates and Fireplace Specialists: Eric & Sons

Eric & Sons Eric & Sons

In the specialty building product and construction industry in Arizona for more than 30 years Eric & Sons has the experience, knowledge and integrity that will satisfy your needs. This is why Prescott Design Center has selected Eric & Sons as our associate.

Eric & Sons features a wide variety of fine building products that will add impressive style and value to your home, creating “Gathering Places” that will draw friends and family together. As home heating costs and utilities continue to rise it is ever important to consider the cost saving solutions.

Visit our Eric & Sons web page.

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Fireplaces Wood Stoves Pellet Appliances
Fireplaces Wood Stoves Pellet Appliances

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