Flooring, Carpet, Hardwood

Flooring, Carpet, Hardwood

Choose a Floor you will Love in Prescott

When it comes to choosing a floor covering, the sky is the limit. There is sooo much to choose from. And the proper choice is important because you can’t use a room without using the floor.

All of your activities in the home are impacted by the floorcovering you choose. Working, relaxing, entertaining, exercising, etc. will all benefit from your making the right choice of surface. The color, texture, style and pattern you choose become the foundation of the décor of each room. Add to that the considerable investment involved and you can appreciate the need to make good decisions.

Things to consider are your lifestyle and what appeals to you.

Do you stand on your feet cooking a lot? Do the kids and pets tend to track in sand? Is the bathroom floor often wet? Is longevity important or do you like to refresh the décor of your home frequently? Do you enjoy the luxurious feel of carpet or does the rich color and texture of hardwood appeal to you? What do you like or not like about tile? Have you seen the new offerings in glass tile?

Here are some current options:

  • Carpet: broadloom or modular,
  • Hardwood: solid or engineered
  • Rubber: sheets, tile or trowel-on
  • Tile: ceramic, porcelain, metal, glass
  • Speciality: Bamboo, Cork, Vinyl, Linoleum

Our Associates and Floorcovering Specialists: Greenlee Designer Services

The most important decision of all is choosing the right licensed and bonded flooring contractor. We highly recommend our Associate Greenlee Designer Services. Matt Greenlee is well known and respected in the Prescott area, has well-trained courteous installation crews, and is on the board of directors of the Yavapai County Contractors Association. Come see his fabulous selection of floor covering here at the Prescott Design Center.

Visit our Greenlee Designer Services web page.

For more information, call (928) 443-3212 and we’ll help you get the flooring you will be happy with for years.

Greenlee Designer Services